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Trip to Indonesia Through
Palette and Senses

Explore your palette and senses through a traditional Indonesian dining and cultural experience - Tumpengan

Entry fee $50 per person

6 pm - 9 pm    |    11 June 2022    |    Saxton Oval Pavillion

Our Features


A traditional Indonesian musical instrument that is crafted from bamboo to create certain notes mostly played as an ensemble.

Bajidor Kahot

A traditional Sundanese dance originally from West Java will be featured in our evening.

Indonesia is a multicultural country with 1300 different ethnicities. With that, we have various cuisines for each part of Indonesia which we will feature in our event.


Tumpengan is one of the Indonesian art of presenting multiple dishes on one tray with commonly the cone-shaped turmeric rice in the middle. Our guests will be presented with various cuisines to enjoy different parts of Indonesia's delicacies from appetisers, main course and dessert.


To accompany this event, we will present a live performance of traditional dance and a traditional instrument ensemble, Angklung. The ensemble will be led by Pak Budi as an experienced conductor.

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