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Batik Exhibition and Workshop

Know more about the art and beauty of Indonesian Batik and

join our traditional hands-on Batik workshop right here in Nelson.

All equipment and Batik starter kit will be provided.

Entry fee $30 per person

10 am - 2 pm    |    11 June 2022    |    Saxton Oval Pavillion

Our Features

As you might have known, Batik is our traditional craft of creating beautiful patterns applied from wax on a fabric that originated from Java, Indonesia. There are many examples and even meaning to different patterns of Batik.

In this event, enjoy a hands-on experience for all participants to create hand-drawn batik on fabric to understand what are elements involved in the process with the help of our professional Batik artist. 

All materials and equipment will be provided and you may take your artwork home.


Throughout the workshop, it will be accompanied by Gamelan music ambient - an Indonesian traditional music.

Delicious Indonesian finger foods and drinks (non-alcoholic) will be provided.

In addition to that, a pop-up market of Indonesia's selections of items will be displayed and available for purchase.


Traditional craft on applying wax on fabric to create beautiful patterns with its own grace and meaning to it.


An ensemble of traditional instruments to create a harmonious music commonly found in Java or Bali.

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